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Welcome to the OAITH Training Hub

Our courses are designed to train those who are either working or would like to work in programs and organizations who are supporting survivors of gender-based violence. For those working in the broader social services sector who want to increase their skills and knowledge about gender-based violence, OAITH’s Training Hub will equip you to be prepared to respond effectively and promote survivor safety outcomes for those you are supporting.

How To Register and Create An Account:
Creating an account is simple and it’s free to register an account by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Account Settings and fill in the form.
  • When you receive the confirmation email, click on the link to authenticate your account. If you don’t authenticate your account your registration won’t be activated. All un-activated accounts will be removed within 3 months. You can always return and create a new account at anytime.
  • Once you’ve activated your account we do require learners to complete the Getting Started Course. This is a basic survey where we collect basic demographic information to learn more about our learners. We use this information to design courses, add functionality and respond to feedback we receive to improve learner experience.
For those who are not working in an Ontario VAW Shelter or Transitional Housing there are course administration fees required to enroll in a course. These administration fees assist us in keeping content up to date and allows us to maintain the training hub. Payments are processed through paypal. Fees are subject to change, however learners will be notified should fees change.

Core Course Administration Fee: 75.00 (+HST)
Supplemental Course Administration Fee: 30.00 (+HST)
Webinar and Videos: Free, unless otherwise indicated there is an administration fee

Courses Are Self Paced:

All of our courses are self-paced, unless a course offering indicates otherwise. For example, sometimes we might have a course that is moderated or time-limited, or we may offer a course for free for a period of time.

Certificates of Completion and Digital Badges:

Once you complete a course and the course evaluation you will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge indicating the name of the course you’ve completed.

Courses Available in the Training Hub:

There are over 25 self-paced courses available through the training hub, with some of those being offered in both English and French.  All courses are accompanied by audio voice over.

All courses have course outlines for you to view here that provide an overview of the learning outcomes, content and hours of online training that you will receive.