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Welcome to the OAITH Training Portal!
Our courses are designed for people working in VAW shelters in Ontario and for all others who work in the VAW sector or in roles that involve supporting or advocating for women who have experienced violence. Our courses will also be useful for students or others who are interested in working in this field and want some practical learning to supplement their studies or build their understanding of the work.

Upon completion of certificate courses, badges are awarded so you can build your your portfolio
or C.V. Most of the certificate courses meet the VAW Training Core
Competencies developed by the VAW Learning Network link.

All courses, webinar and video content are free.
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What courses are here?
  • Foundations of VAW (Intersectional Feminist Approaches, VAW Practice Ethics, Self-Reflective Practice, Portfolio Building, Survivor Inclusion, and Record Keeping).
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Technology and Safety Planning
  • Harm Reduction for VAW Counsellors and Advocates